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Hi, I'm
Faris Dahleh

Flutter Developer

honest, innovative and minimalistic individual who
enjoys talking to both computers and humans

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A brief autobiography showing how I dove into the field of IT and what I've done since.

My Name is Faris Dahleh and I'm a 26 year old iOS and Flutter developer from Jordan. My passion with code started years ago, almost 6 years now.

I carry both technical and academic knowledge. I kept myself busy learning and working with new technologies. Through the years, I've acquired the ability to solve problems and adapt to changes. Performance and usability are priorities for me, I always seek to write suitable code for both humans and computers. As an innovative individual, I'm able to dive into new challenges and to explore new ideas.

I'm the kind of person who enjoys sharing my knowledge and experience with others. This has made me, with all humility, a reliable mentor to my university colleagues. As a team member.

When it comes to my philosophy, I believe in simplicity. I prefer getting straight to the point. Generally, I aim to avoid solutions or libraries that are stuffed with unused code. These unexplored parts undermine the developer's control. For each problem there is a specific solution, so I am continuously thrilled to find out that particular solution.

" You have succeeded in life when all you really want is only what you really need " - Vernon Howard


  • - HTML
  • - CSS
  • - JavaScript
  • - Bootstrap 5
  • - jQuery


  • - PHP
  • - SQL
  • - .Net
  • - Wordpress
  • - Firebase
  • - Strapi


  • - Xcode
  • - Core Data
  • - Restful API Requests (Alamofire)
  • - SwiftyJSON


  • - Dart
  • - VS Code
  • - Animations
  • - HTTP requests
  • - Packages
  • - State Management

Currently, I'm exploring these technologies:

  • - Python


  • - Vs Code - Photoshop - Adobe XD - Android Studio - XCode - Atom - GitHub


some of my projects that I'm proud of

To Do It(Flutter)

An APP to manage you todo list and see your progress.


An Application that owners can submit a tender for contactors.

Corona Tracker(Flutter)

An APP to show all the cases over the world of the Coovid-19 pandamic.


A chatting app on iOS.

Bus Tracking system (Android)

My graduation project a tracking system for the university buses

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My contact info below:

[L]inkedin [G]ithub [F]acebook




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